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    The hassle free
    way to visit

    by Luis E. Outeiral

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    How to discover
    The Amazon Paradise

    by Matias Gurmandi
    Experience Manager

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    Patagonia with families:
    the way it has to be

    by Patricio Lopez Peña
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    The best beachfront accommodation in the hippest resorts in South America

    by Sofía Vallejos
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    Far Away Travel
    now stronger
    and more efficient
    in Brasil

    by Anderson Peres Rodriguez
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  • Before designing an itinerary we focus on the travel triggers of each individual.

  • It’s the right experience, at the right place, for each and every person.

  • Our method aims to deliver value and fun to each group member.

  • Luxury happens when the experience fits your life.


South America´s Luxury DMC. Since 2001, we are The specialist and pioneer Co. in No-Hassle, South America, Multi-Country, Luxury & Hiper Luxury, creative design travel. World celebrities, top leaders, multinational corporations & thousands of FITs chose our professional, extremely reliable, low profile DMC to travel South America smoothly & in style.

The 5Sc™

We do our best to understand all Customers and partners to design trips that fit as possible to all of them. From the information we are able to collect, we create experiences that exceed expectations, we converge the right combination of resources at the exact moment of the trip and we control -during the entire journey- that the experience “production” develops the same or even better than planned.



We consolidated ONE STRONG DMC combining and empowering the expertise of the best south american professionals in strategic travel services.

Far Away Unlimited

Far Away unlimited is the UNLIMITED way to stay in South America. Why unlimited? Because there are no boundaries but your own imagination. We provide you the finest and most luxurious houses, ranches, islands and ships South America hast to offer. This way you’ll enjoy your vacations in absolute privacy with no other guests, no fixed schedules, no rush…

The Andes Wine Experience

» Live a wine vacation throughout Argentina & Chile´s Central Andes Region,

» Enjoy a fascinating Luxury Exploration Experience,

» Discover the most pure vineyards of the world & Taste some of the finest and unique wines.

Far Away Air

Discover the benefits and the magic of flying on a private plane; with the possibility to adequate departure time to your mood and have zero risk of delays, cancellations and losing connections. With Far away Air not only you attain an excellent air transport, but a team of specialists in many fields that will efficiently solve the planning and execution of your logistics and will also anticipate your needs to avoid any difficulties, adding value to your travel experience in many areas.

BA North

Welcome to the newest and most VIP way to see Buenos Aires and it´s most beautiful areas, while driving north of downtown BA.

Our trips are lifetime experiences, that combine the best of northern Buenos Aires plus the Delta's natural beauty and flavours, with personalized service, all delivered by a carefully selected team of professional guides, drivers and pilots in the comfort of our brand new cars and a fleet of 8 new powerboats and yachts. Be impressed by BA´s history, art and stories guided through Recoleta, Palermo, San Isidro and the beautiful Tigre town.



São PAulo

Av. Paulista 37, 4 andar
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
+55 (11) 2246-2922


Buenos Aires

Monroe 127 - San Isidro
Buenos Aires - Argentina (1642)
+54 (11) 4766-0148



Pejerrey Patagonico 95 Bajada 4
Costa del Sol - Bariloche (8400)
Rio Negro - Argentina


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Work with a highly skilled team of travel professionals, qualified to listen, understand and execute unique design proposals for the creation of unforgettable trips.

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We are constantly searching for new talents: agile, proactive, creative and cooperative people to join our offices in Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Sao Paulo and very soon Uruguay.
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“A man needs to travel. By his own means, not through stories, images, books or TV. He needs to travel himself, with his eyes and feet, to understand what he is, in order to, some day, plant his own trees and give them value. Learning cold in to enjoy heat. And the opposite. To feel the distance and lack of shelter. To feel well under his own roof. A man needs to travel to places he doesn't know to break the arrogance that makes us see the World as we imagine it, and not simply as it is or may be. That arrogance makes us teachers and doctors of what we have never seen, when we should just be learners, and simply go see it.”


Amyr Klink - Brazilian Explorer