How to discover The Amazon Paradise by Matias Gurmandi
Experience Manager

There are not many places in the world as mystical as the Amazon. It is unarguably a key ingredient in the bucket list of every traveler with a sense of adventure. And with good reason! The rare chance to experience the very epitome of Nature in its most pure state has the power of striking a primal chord in most of us by evoking a time of absolute community with the environment in which our earliest ancestors depended on nothing else to strive. And, of course, you have to factor in that it is the world's largest tropical rainforest and the lungs of South America, with more biodiversity than anywhere else on Earth. So when you visit, you have a powerful certainty of being in one of the purest, most natural and ecologically relevant places left on our planet. And yet, to visit, you need not relinquish any of the comforts of modern life. Well, at least almost any. But I take it that being able to put up with a couple of long boat rides and manage without cell phone signal for a few days is part of your adventurer spirit, isn't it?


Out of the 9 countries that offer some sort of Amazon experience, we will focus on Brazil on this occasion. Not really because the level of experiences offered are the unarguably the best per se (Peru and Ecuador have some seriously great options too), but because we love the easiness with which you can combine a few days in the relative frugality of the wilderness, followed by a luxurious week being pampered at one of Rio's sumptuous hotels or at your private mansion by the beach creating a perfect contrast on the whole.


So here are our top considerations for a perfect Brazilian Amazon holiday:


» When I had the opportunity to pay a visit myself last year, it certainly did feel like an childhood dream come true. After all the adventurers' tales and Conan Doyle and Isabel Allende's books, I was finally here in person. Try to read as much as possible about this unique place and you will easily get hyped about your trip. It will make the first impression so much more powerful if you are already familiarized with a few basic concepts.


» The most obvious entry-gate to the Brazilian Amazon is the huge city of Manaus, a sprawling metropolis literally in the middle of the jungle. Most of the really nice lodges are within a range of 30 minutes to 3 hours from it, and several luxury cruises (not Mediterranean-style luxury, but luxury after all) depart from the city. We even have the right contacts to chart a nice mid or large-sized yacht in private. Nothing better that combining a few days of ground-based explorations at either of our favorites Anavillhanas or Juma, followed by a couple more nights idly floating on the river for a comprehensive approach to this destiation.


» For the more adventurers willing to go further, it takes almost a day to get to the single best lodge in the Southern Amazon, the Cristalino Jungle Lodge. Take my word, being so remote is absolutely worth it.


» Best time to visit? This is a hot area of debate. There is no summer or winter this close to the Equator, but there are two markedly different seasons, rainy and dry. And the impact they have on the environment is huge.
During the rainy (mid-December to mid-May) season, well, it rains. A lot. And I mean A LOT, or otherwise we wouldn't have such an incredibly lush rainforest there. But this is hardly an impediment as the year-round warm weather makes rain actually a sort of bliss when you are hiking on the tupid jungle, and more importantly it gives place to the phenomenon known as cheia, in which the level of the main rivers can rise an incredible 10 to 20 metres (that's 32 to 65 feet!) depending on the year and the river's flow. At this time, especially by the end of it and the beginning of the dry season, the landscape is radically changed and big portions of jungle become flooded, giving place to the fairy tale igapós (literally flooded jungle) which are enchanting to visit paddling gently on a canoe. In terms of landscape and views, this season is probably the most striking.
But the dry season has its benefits too. When the water level starts to lower, animals have less room to hide, and this means much more sightings. Cayman-spotting becomes almost a kids game, and piranha fishing poses no difficulty at all.
So in reality, the Amazon is a unique and exciting destination all year long, and the best time for a visit is simply that which fits your schedule.


Unleash you inner explorer and treat yourself with a visit to Nature's biggest sanctuary!




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