The hassle free way to visit Antarctica by Luis E. Outeiral

We all know the Antarctic is incredible; with the exotic landscapes, the huge icebergs and the tons of animals… But the trouble is the 4-day trip on a boat until you arrive there. You get tired and may have nausea due to the huge waves of the Drake Passage and begin the journey exhausted.


But there is another way! Come with us to an unforgettable experience and fly across the chaotic Drake Passage in only a couple of hours. This way you’ll get to know one of the farthest points on earth in a more practical, comfortable and much faster way.


You can choose the Full day Program, which includes:
» Transfer from hotel to Punta Arenas Airport to board the DAP plane with destination to King George Island
» Visit to the main attraction points of the area by an Antarctic-expert tour guide
» 'Villa Las Estrellas' (First settlement inhabited by civilians)
» Navigation on a zodiac boat to Ardley Island to visit some penguin colonies and navigation around Collins glacier.
» Visit to the Orthodox Russian Church (At Bellingshausen Station)
» Return to Punta Arenas after a 5-hour tour (depending on weather conditions).


Or the Overnight Program which includes:
» Overnight at the Ice Camp based on Collins glacier, located about 5 kms (6 miles) from the runway. This Ice Camp includes a Thermal tent as a dining room, one special tent as a basic toilette and different small thermal and special tents for two people each one, to spend the night.
» Walk to the "Elefanteras" (sea elephant colony) located in the Drake Passage Area.
» Visit to some Scientific Station
» Visit other tourist attractions before returning to Punta Arenas.


From King George Island we will navigate along the Antarctic Peninsula, visiting the most wonderful places and enjoying the best wildlife sites of Antarctica. Let yourself be surprised by the huge amount of penguins, seals, sea lions and blue whales that inhabit these lands. Do not forget the camera (with the extra batteries) and your binoculars to see the animals more closely!


Suggested clothing: As we know, Antarctica is one of the coldest continents in the world, so I recommend you to be equipped. For this it’s necessary to bring: A fleece jacket, cap and scarf, a waterproof parka, gloves, ski pants and waterproof upper coat, thermal socks, boots and sunglasses with high UV protection. I know it’s a LOT, but believe me you won`t regret it.


Do not miss this incredible opportunity to know the mainland located in one of the farthest points on Earth. The COLDEST, HIGHEST, WINDIEST, DRIEST and LESS POPULATED continent.


What are you waiting for?




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São Paulo - SP - Brazil
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Buenos Aires - Argentina (1642)
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PATAGONIA (Op. Office)

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Costa del Sol - Bariloche (8400)
Rio Negro - Argentina


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