Patagonia: The way it has to be by Patricio Lopez Peña
Experience Manager

I was born and raised in this wonderful city. I know all the sites of Bariloche, from the most hidden places to the most frequented. You can practice climbing, skiing, biking, like in the best winter resorts of USA. Bariloche is surrounded by glaciers, lakes and rivers and offers visitors more than just ski days for families. Capital of Patagonia, of the lakes and rivers - like veins seething with trout - they invite to know the secrets of fishing. This city is much more than a ski resort; it is the heart of the mountain adventure. It is a unique place in the world which you can enjoy with your family, that allows you to enjoy the best craft beer, chocolate, their smoked goods, and of a cuisine as diverse as the communities that form it, mostly of European ascent.


At winter, after enjoying a splendid day of skiing by night enjoy a ride on a snowmobile, which will take you to a cave in the middle of the forest, surrounded by a sea of stars. After driving 30 minutes, one comes to this unique place in the world, where they expect you with meals of high typical mountain kitchen and wide variety of wines. Ideal to go with your family or your partner.


Since my childhood, the Condor became my favorite animal. I know this beautiful bird in danger of extinction, and looking at it we have a perception of it. Nature teaches about the life of the planet of which we are only one of its protagonists. The deer with their herds protected in the forests of Ñires and Lengas in the hunting season; the trout that spawn in November to dump their eggs, to open the fishing season; the condor, imposing, reaches a length of three meters when it spreads his wings, rests in “Las Buitreras”, just 30km from Bariloche, and teaches us about freedom and contemplation. You can see up to 100 specimens in one day.


In my nine years of age I had the chance to meet Mel Krieger (famous fly- cast fisherman) and thanks to him, I knew the pleasure and the feeling of fly-fishing. It is inevitable that we use passion to speak about fly-fishing. Considered the "Mecca of fly fishing", Bariloche is the most famous area of Argentina for river trout fishing (Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout all occur in the rivers and lakes of the region), is where most head to for a little fishing time. There is no water course in our Patagonia without trout at present. You can enjoy fishing from the shore or by doing one floated by the Limay River or Manso River.


Wake up and prepare the backpack of mountain, is the most beautiful feeling of all. Bariloche offers a wide variety of different types of difficulty hikes for all families. After walking for 4 hours or up to two hours horse, you'll arrive at Otto Mailing refuge (located on the Castaño Overo glacier) in the Cerro Tronador. Here you can enjoy the typical meals of mountain and also one of the best excursions in ice. For all ages and for all levels, from the trekking to the escalation, and can also enjoy a day of hiking on the glacier to lower a few meters by the imposing cracks of blue color.


Have you ever thought to be protagonist of a Disney story? Rumor has it that Walt Disney was inspired in the Myrtle Forest to create the story of Bambi. On arrival through navigation on Lake Nahuel Huapi, you will see a wooden hut “Walt Disney’s Little Hut”. Be part of this adventure with your family, and let yourself be carried away to your childhood wandering through this beautiful forest surrounded by beautiful cinnamon-colored myrtle trees.




São PAulo

Av. Paulista 37, 4 andar
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
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Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires - Argentina (1642)
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PATAGONIA (Op. Office)

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Costa del Sol - Bariloche (8400)
Rio Negro - Argentina


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