The 5Cs™ of luxury travel production

In Far Away Travel we have created the simple-but-complex process for the “5 C Luxury Tourism”.


We work extensively to design trips that are pleasurable for all our guests, so we do our best to understand all Customers and partners to design trips that fit as possible to all of them. From the information we are able to collect, we create experiences that exceed expectations and then we Converge the indicated resources at every moment of the trip. We also Control during the entire journey that all services continue to develop a pleasurable experience.


Customer & co

We all are different: For us it’s essential to know our customers and that's why we make a great emphasis on knowing the individuals within the group. It is our priority to get a deep knowledge about our client and each and every one, to thereby provide the RICHEST, UNIQUE and UNFORGETTABLE experience.



Our mission is to clearly understand the interest and motivation of our passengers, but without neglecting the triggers, the reasons and the moment when the trip will be taken. We prioritize to EXCEED THE EXPECTATIONS of our customers, and for that we are always attentive for the circumstances: Both our clients’ and our venues’.



Next we put our creativity in motion. THIS IS THE TIME WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. We are informed of the latest developments in every destination and have a wide range of possibilities to offer. We are company that is free of trade commitments, which allows us to offer what we believe is best for our customer, not what the market wants to offer neither what pays the largest commission. We truly always customize.



HERE’S WHEN EVERYTHING COMES TRUE. Our valued customers reach their destination. Services will be coordinated to perfection to make everything as planned. Magic and reality come together in a perfectly executed experience.



WE ARE ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD. We check and verify that everything is where and how it should be. We understand that our customers may change their mind about an activity, either by exhaustion or suddenly it catches their attention an event or destination other than expected. We will be there to solve these issues, we are flexible and we have the tools and human components necessary to adapt to the wishes and needs of our customers at any time of the trip.



São PAulo

Av. Paulista 37, 4 andar
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
+55 (11) 2246-2922


Buenos Aires

Monroe 127 - San Isidro
Buenos Aires - Argentina (1642)
+54 (11) 4766-0148


PATAGONIA (Op. Office)

Pejerrey Patagonico 95 Bajada 4
Costa del Sol - Bariloche (8400)
Rio Negro - Argentina


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