The best beachfront accommodation
in the hippest resorts in South Americaby Sofía Vallejos
Experience Manager

How would you like to meet up with the rich and beautiful of South America? Look no further, for there is no place quite like Punta del Este in terms of glamour and sheer luxury. In the Southern summer months, the better part of the Argentine, Uruguayan and Brazilian high class flock together to Punta del Este to live their summer in style, giving birth every year to a miniature St. Tropez and making Punta del Este THE place to be. Epic beach parties, world-class gastronomy, the most renowned artists' ateliers, all combined for your indulgence in the sumptuous South American lifestyle.


Knowing where to stay is the key, as there are hundreds of miles of sandy beach and expansive countryside, and the options are counted by the dozens. But only a few make the top of our list.


For the real Punta experience, nothing is better than having your private beach-front mansion in one of the nicest and most private beaches. Think of a Hollywood-star mansion by the sea, fully staffed with personnel to cater for your well-being and enjoyment, in which to delight yourself with a tear-provoking sunset as beautiful as you have ever seen while indulging in the delicacies prepared at your taste by your own private chef. Ah yes, this definitely has to be our favorite, as well as that of the Celebs and VIPs that we welcome every year into this exciting destination.


Next in line is hotel that recreates precisely this ambient, a stylish private mansion by the beach. I mean of course Playa Vik, which I have to confess is one of my personal favorites in all of South America. Mr. Vik has truly gone out of his way to create a stunning art-piece beach property that in no way resembles a hotel. At all times one has the feeling of being at some place much more intimate and personal, and yet with the best and finest 5-star service.


If you enjoy the countryside while remaining a stone's throw from the coast, Vik also has a strikingly beautiful Estancia, and the Brazilian legend Fasano cannot be left unmentioned with its gorgeous rolling hills.


It is easy to forget that there is a world when staying a either of such incredible properties, but believe me it is worth going outside! Let your private driver tour you night after night through each of the magnificent restaurants that make Punta del Este famous - for believe me, it is not merely the expansive beach that draws people in from all corners of the continent, but rather the superlative pampering of all your senses, in which Punta's gastronomy plays a fundamental role.




São PAulo

Av. Paulista 37, 4 andar
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
+55 (11) 2246-2922


Buenos Aires

Monroe 127 - San Isidro
Buenos Aires - Argentina (1642)
+54 (11) 4766-0148


PATAGONIA (Op. Office)

Pejerrey Patagonico 95 Bajada 4
Costa del Sol - Bariloche (8400)
Rio Negro - Argentina


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